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 Andaru Dongale
Andaru Dongale *ing Rajendraprasad, Prabhudeva, Kiran Rathode, Ankitha, Nagendrababu, Surya, Brahmanandam, Raghubabu, Mallikarjuna Rao, Krishna Bhagawan, MS Narayana, Ali, Jeeva, Benarjee, GV, Giribabu, Narsing Yadav, Jenny, Junior Relangi, Kovai Sarala, Jyothi, Kavitha....

Director: 'Nidhi' Prasad
Producer: Harsha Reddy (Banner - Geo Media Arts.)
Music: Chakri
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'Andaru Dongale' is a hilarious movie with no basic storyline. Nidhi Prasad had improved his directorial abilities in keeping the audiences in good spirits for all the two and a half hours. The way the director mixed the comedy and love scenes are excellent and Prabhudeva and Ankitha did their best in yielding a healthy comedy. Rajendraprasad had a very limited role in the movie.

Andaru Dongale

Story:KK (Nagendrababu) is a business magnate and also a widower. Usha (Ankita) is his daughter who stays in London to complete her MBA degree. On her return to India, she finds from Pushparaj (Surya) that her father got obsessed with his private secretary Naveena (Kiran Rathode). Naveena wanted to seduce KK and grab his entire property to become a multi-millionaire by marrying him. Once KK and Naveena plan a holiday trip to Switzerland and Usha wanted to spoil the programme at any cost. With the help of Pushparaj, she plans a kidnap drama and tells her father with a mimicked voice to bring Rs 10 lakh to a park for her release. In fact, her plan is to get KK and Naveena miss the flight. On the other side, Bangarraju (Rajendraprasad) is a chronic bachelor and Bujji (Prabhudeva) is his nephew. Bujji's parents (Giribabu and Kavita) wanted to get him married to a spinster called Suryakantham (Kovai Sarala) against Bujji's wishes. So, Bujji escapes from the house along with Bangarraju. They reach the city to meet their friend called Seeko (Brahmanandam). Seeko and his four-member gang (Krishna Bhagawan, Mallikharjuna Rao, Raghubabu and Jyothi) used to lift cars and sell them to others by changing their colours and number plates. They also used to rob the gullible people. They include Bangarraju and Bujji in their gang and give them training in robberies. When Pushparaj plans to exchange the brief case with Rs 10 lakh to Usha, Bangarraju observes the deal and steals the suitcase. Usha with the kidnapper's voice tells KK that she was locked up in her own car. By the time, KK reaches the parking lot, Bujji lifts the car and escapes.

Andaru Dongale

He escapes a chase by the police and reaches their den and finds Usha in the dickey. On the other hand, Bangarraju, who falls in love at first sight with Naveena, catches her at the park and proposes. On noticing KK's suitcase with him, Naveena presumes that he is one of the kidnappers. Later, she instigates him to call up KK and demand Rs 1 crore. Meanwhile, the other gang members force Bujji to leave her at the city's outskirts. However, the police reach their den. Though the entire gang escapes, the police were able to get a photograph of all the seven members of the gang. Bujji happens to see the photo being telecast through a channel and returns to the place where he left Usha and pleads with her to reveal the entire story to the police. In a hurry to escape from the police, Bujji and Usha goes deep into a forest and get stranded there as the fuel in the car exhausts. During their sojourn, Bujji and Usha understand each other and begin loving. The police, however, smell the rat and catch Pushparaj. But they could not get any information from him. In their investigation, they find that Naveena is also involved in the kidnap drama. So, Bangarraju and Naveena also try to escape from the police. During their search for Usha, they happened to meet Seeko and gang again. The entire group start searching for Usha. In the meantime, Qadir (Jeeva), a person who brokers the sale of cars from the gang, takes away Usha from Bujji and keeps her in the custody of Shoaib Akhtar (Ali), who is a drunkard. Usha manages to escape from the clutches of Akhtar. Finally, Usha and Bujji again meet each other. When she wanted to talk to her father from a telephone booth, Suryakantham and her brother (GV) reach the spot and take away both Bujji and Usha. In the climax, KK, police inspector (Benarjee), Seeko gang, Bangarraju and Naveena reach the venue. Everyone among them wanted to make good their escape with the Rs 10 lakh, but they could not. The film ends on a happy note with the entire gang gets into the custody of police.

Chakri's music is below average.
Prabhudeva had a lion's share in terms of footage and in the portrayal of comedy. Upcoming hero Sivaji dubbed Prabhudeva's voice. Though Rajendraprasad is there in the film, he had a very limited role. Most of the story revolves around Prabhudeva and Usha. Both the heroines, Kiran Rathode and Ankitha gave average performance. Kiran Rathode looked sexy in songs. Nagababu best suited in the role of a lecherous widower, but a caring father. Comedy by Brahmanandam, Krishna Bhagawan, Mallikharjuna Rao, Raghubabu and Jyothi is hilarious. After a long gap, Surya got a good comic character.