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 Movie: Devdas - 2005Telugu Reviews
Cast: Ram, Eliyana
Devdas - 2005

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Y.V.S.Chowdary's 'Devdas' has a thin storyline. It is a different love story which tells us how the youth succeeds in his love. The present Devdas is totally different from that of the past.

Devdas (Ram) is an orphan who studies in a Govt college and resides in Hyderabad. Bhanumathi (Iliyana) is the daughter of a rich NRI Lakshmi Narayana (Shiyaji Shinde) who is an American senator. She gets interested in music and flies to Hyderabad with her grandmother (Rama Prabha). There she meets Devdas and falls in love with him. Her father knows this and comes to Hyderabad to meet Devdas. He makes Ram believe that they (Ram and Iliyana) will be married soon. Later he tries to take his daughter to America. Ram promises him that he will get back his love soon and she will be his wife one day. What happens later is the predictable story.

Though both Ram and Iliyana are new comers, they did their part well in the movie. Ram appeares as an energetic hero. Iliyana looks charming. The film coNsists of 11 songs, all of them being a hit. The music is rendered by Chakri. There is situational comedy in the movie. Y.V.S.Chowdary has tried to show a thin story line into a three hour movie. However, he partly succeeds it. The film consists of good fight sequences. All technical aspects of the film are good.

Verdict: Above Average
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