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 An Exclusive Interview With AbhinayasriAbhinayasri

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Whom would you like to thank firstly?

My mother, firstly who is my backbone. Before I got an identify of my own, I was known as Anuradha's daughter. I am happy with that tag, even today. My mother acted in about 700 films and is a proven actress. If I can act like her, that enough for me. My mother accompanies me everywhere. I cant go anywhere without her.

   How is it like being a heroine?
I don't know how to express my feeling. I would like to thank my director - S.V Krishna Reddy. He picked up the item girl Abhinaya Sri, and made me an actress by giving me an opportunity

  Tell us about the experience working in Hungama?
The real hero of the film is S.V Krishna Reddy. He called me and said he noticed me in my item songs and asked if I was interested in playing a heroine. The condition he kept was that, he needed 30 days of my call-sheets - which I agreed for. I have become popular as an item girl with 'Ah ante Amalapuram' in Arya. Now, this film has transformed me into an actress. But, I will continue with item songs too

  Which is the scene you liked the most in Hungama
I liked the first night scene, where Venu Madhav tries telling me that he is not a rich man's son but I do not listen to him, and drag him onto the bed as a good muhurath time is passing off.

   How was it working with Ali and Venu?
I have worked with Ali earlier, and I am free with him. I did a full-length character with him earlier. It was fun working with Venu Madhav. He is a simple and polite guy. We were laughing a lot in the scenes where he tries to tell me the truth.

  What are your future career plans?
I don't want to let go off any opportunity. I am ready to do the role of a vamp too, if required as acting is my profession. I will try doing justice to any role thats offered to me. I had some kickstart in the industry beccause my mother was a part of it. I dont want to take it for granted, and will work hard to prove myself. I want to keep up my mother Anuradha's name, who had done so many films. My next film .com/previews/premikulu.html" target=_blank> Premikulu is ready for release. Then there are a couple of songs, with Venu Madhav in a few films. Offers are pouring, let me see which one is next.